Halloween 2018

Asos Co-ord | Miss Lola Sandals 

Hey Lovelies! Happy Halloween 2018! I like many probably sound like a broken record, my oh my does every year feel like it moves at a high speed. Each year I make a promise to myself to put forth much more effort in creating a Halloween costume. Welp, another year has come and now gone, I’ve got nothing (creatively speaking)! I honestly think this is so and I just never really get hype for the holiday because I grew up attending a Christian/Private School (from Kindergarten to Eight Grade) and there wasn’t much focus on celebrating the holiday. In highschool I never dressed up and by the time I started adulting, Halloween was forgotten about.  I also am the least favorite fan of CANDY! My previous Crunch  Bar post mentioned I’d always want to trade my halloween candy for crunch bars, which was true, but only because the wrapper was appealing.  However, as content creator and influencer, I do realize this is my opportunity create and be creative which is why I am going to put a better foot forward and effort next year!

BUT, as for this year….. I’m just me (a FASHIONISTA), a girl who’s been playing dress up since age four and I’ve gotta feeling it’ll never end!!! Being able to express myself through this platform (fashion) is truly one of my life’s delights!! Continue to do what makes you happy and don’t ever be afraid to express yourself through whatever means you so desire!!

Happy Halloween Lovelies!! ?❤️?❤️ 

Peace and Forever Blessings,MSsignature

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