I’m the first to admit that Hairfinity is heaven sent! I’ve been #teamhairfinity for about six years and their products are key player in keeping my natural hair healthy and growing underneath my protective style! So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that some of my favs are now being sold at my local Target store !!!! Adding extensions can often dry out your natural hair and cause breakage, but I haven’t had that problem since consistently taking my Hairfinity supplements. I’m always so pleased with my growing inches underneath these inches! My favorite product from the line is the Hairfinity Candilocks Chewable Hair Vitamins. I take them once a day and I continue to witness much change – my hair is healthier and stronger which makes me one happy girl!!

Tell me something? Would you think I’m slightly going overboard in making sure my hair underneath my extensions is healthy if I told you I also take a 10,000 mcg biotin supplement? I’ve tried many brands throughout the years, but I’ve been consistently using Nature’s Bounty the last few re-ups. Maybe I am overdosing/overdoing it when it comes to the “keeping my hair healthy underneath” lol, but it would be remiss if  didn’t admit how much my hair has grown and how healthy it is! I’ll post a picture of me “cold turkey” (extension-less) the next time I take it out! 

Peace and Forever Blessings,


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