GS LOVE Romper | Miss Lola Sandals | YSL Clutch

Hey Lovelies! I looked up and realized that there’s only a few more days left of summer! ?? I’m not too excruciatingly sad about summer ending however, because autumn is approaching (my second favorite season of the year)! ?? In the meantime, I’m enjoying the remainder of these perfect sunny weather days, especially because I get to wear this hot new arrival from @GSLOVESME. GS Love new arrivals are uploaded daily and they have styles available for every mood and occasion! Use my code “SMITH20” for a discount! ✌???

Since we’re talking summer, what’s been your most memorable memory of this season? If I were to ask myself this same question, the best memories I’ve had this summer are the moments I sat quietly with myself. I focus so much of my attention and dedicate my life to helping others and being there to assist my family and friends with their lives, that I forget to be there for myself the majority of the time. I forget to love myself. I forget to help myself. Sitting quiet in my own thoughts has begun to help me realize that I was in need of some major house keeping in my own life, starting with my own SELF CARE. There’s still much I need to do within, but better late than never in regards to me taking better care of myself. I’ve traveled far less than I usually do during summertime, but I am grateful to have taken the time to explore myself, make strides to take better care of myself, and develop an even closer relationship with GOD – all of which surmount jet-setting.

All in all, summer hasn’t been too shabby for me…! Hope it’s been amazing for you! 

Peace and Forever Blessings,


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