GS LOVE Romper | Miss Lola Sandals | YSL Clutch

Hey Lovelies! I looked up and realized that there’s only a few more days left of summer! 🌞🏖 I’m not too excruciatingly sad about summer ending however, because autumn is approaching (my second favorite season of the year)! 🍂🍁 In the meantime, I’m enjoying the remainder of these perfect sunny weather days, especially because I get to wear this hot new arrival from @GSLOVESME. GS Love new arrivals are uploaded daily and they have styles available for every mood and occasion! Use my code “SMITH20” for a discount! ✌🏽💕💫

Since we’re talking summer, what’s been your most memorable memory of this season? If I were to ask myself this same question, the best memories I’ve had this summer are the moments I sat quietly with myself. I focus so much of my attention and dedicate my life to helping others and being there to assist my family and friends with their lives, that I forget to be there for myself the majority of the time. I forget to love myself. I forget to help myself. Sitting quiet in my own thoughts has begun to help me realize that I was in need of some major house keeping in my own life, starting with my own SELF CARE. There’s still much I need to do within, but better late than never in regards to me taking better care of myself. I’ve traveled far less than I usually do during summertime, but I am grateful to have taken the time to explore myself, make strides to take better care of myself, and develop an even closer relationship with GOD – all of which surmount jet-setting.

All in all, summer hasn’t been too shabby for me…! Hope it’s been amazing for you! 

Peace and Forever Blessings,


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