Hey Lovelies! I decided at the beginning of the year to have healthier habits, and since healthy living is a choice, I’ve chosen a lot more wisely with my eating habits, exercise regimen, daily supplements, and lots more self care these past five months. I’m also incredibly motivated as I turn another year older in a few days to do all I can, to look and feel the best I can…..!

I’ve partnered with @GreatLakesGelatinagain because I found yet another lifestyle product to add to my regime. Collagen Hydrolysate from #GLG is something I have been using almost three months now! It has helped me with ongoing fatigue and soreness. Not  to mention, on the beauty side of things, I’ve seen a change in my hair, skin, and nails – all healthy and flourishing! 

GLG is super easy to use in coffee, tea, salad dressings, yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies. It dissolves instantly in any liquid and is tasteless and odorless. 

You can save 20% on most products found on GreatLakesGelatin.com with my code: 20OFFMADAMESMITH!!!

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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