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Hey Lovelies! I talk a lot about falling in love for the first time – with fashion/fashion related items, so this should come as no surprise that I’ve fallen head over heels for my turban from Granaway Turban Co.! If someone would have asked me to rock a headpiece as such a few years ago, I probably would have given them the “yeah right, not happening” look. Nonetheless, I’ve definitely changed my perspective to turban headpieces and Granaway Turban Co. is definitely responsible for that! Interestingly enough, turbans ranks high on the head accessory popular list and it wasn’t until I actually started to pay attention to headwear that I learned such a thing! From my blog, I’m sure it’s no secret that unless its a hat of some sort, I don’t rock too much headwear or gear. However, things are about to change really quick! I’m stocking on my turban game immediately, and guess where they’re coming from!?! I’ll spare you the suspense, GRANAWAY TURBAN CO.!!!!

Though, this trend has been a major thing for quite some time now, I’ve noticed it’s a favorite (but not limited to) within the natural hair girl and boho communities. Whether it be a bad hair day or at a music festival, turbans (if done right)  transform looks to chic instantaneously! I’ve obviously seen my fair share of turbans, but Granaway Turban Co. is the go-to company. Seriously guys, can we please just take a moment to admire my turban……? She goes by the name of “Kara” and let’s face it, she’s got me chicer than chic right now! Talk about stealing the show and statement-worthy!?! She’s definitely one I intend on flaunting all spring and summer. You name it, on a good hair day or bad, this turban gives me so much life. Majorly swooning for the pink hues, pattern, and the simplicity of how effortless this turban is! Guys, I cannot iterate enough how much I love this turban and how many compliments I received; it was the perfect show-stopping way to top off my looks!

If you love this turbn as much as I do, please take a moment and shop this hottie and others at!!! Click the link. The only thing you’ll regret is having way too many cute turbans lingering in your wardrobe (not a bad thing at all)!


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