Good Natured

Lola Shoetique Three-Piece Set | Lola Shoetique Sandals 

Hey Lovelies! I’ve haven’t written a blogpost in a few weeks because I’ve been out and about vibing and trying to “take in” springtime. I think it is incredibly important to make time for life – specifically living in the moment. I’m pretty guilty of “pretending” to do that, so I’ve decided that from now on, I’m going to make a major effort to stop and actually be present at places and with people and things. Speaking of living in the moment, I’ve read that it also helps with being an overall good natured human being and let’s face it, with the world at an all-time chaotic high in various negative aspects, we could do well with a few more good-natured beings roaming around. Without being overly judgmental, do you ever stop to think about why so many individuals are bad natured (for a lack of better words)? Why is it easier to hate than to love, to be mean rather be kind, to be selfish rather be helpful, etc.. We are severely lacking good natured individuals nowadays and if it takes a more showing by example than complaining about it, sign me up – I would love to do my part in hopes to help change the ill-natured into good. 

Speaking of good natured, this three piece Lola Shoetique set is named exactly that and served major inspiration for my blogpost title. Fashion always has a way of inspiring me, another reason  why I continue to fall in love daily. Nevertheless, I love this set; in more ways than one it inspired a positive overload way and I’m always here for that! Cheers to being present in the moments, using those same moments to evaluate ourselves, and consciously making our best effort to be good natured people! 


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