GS Loves Me Dress

Hey Lovelies! I selected this “Golden Rush” print from GS Loves Me because I thought it would be the perfect frock to open fall. It looks rich and commands a statement. I recently selected a dress similar to this style from another collaboration and ever since I’ve been hooked on this wrapped style. 

I intentionally shot this dress at one of my favorite moments of the day, “golden hour.” I know other bloggers would agree, photographers too, but GOLDEN HOUR, is one of the best opportunities to shoot. You know those photos that look snapshots of a memory instead of actual place or person, the ones that seem to glow, and everything in them seems rimmed with a halo of light? I am especially obsessed with the ones with stunning flares of light that looks like I am exploding with glow. Nonetheless, this dress was so golden that I definitely tried  to capture it at golden hour. Mission accomplished? 

If you’re looking for great statement pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe, check out @GSLOVESME for hot new arrivals uploaded daily – styles available for every mood and occasion! Use my code “SMITH20” for a discount!! 

Peace and Forever Blessings,


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