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Hey Lovelies! And yet another one, this time I’m rocking the God Is My Source – Pink/Hot Pink Edition! Have you purchased one from yet? There seriously ought not be any reason for much convincing as to why you should not own one, but just incase you need a little push, here’s a little back story as to why I believe so much in the God Is My Source movement. Like each of you, I’ve had my fair share of adversity. From being diagnosed with cancer, several medical procedures, survival surgeries, being raised by one parent, not much family, a handful of heartbreaks, a whole of of disappointments, not valuing my self-worth or loving myself, and the list goes on….. I mean we all can attest that life isn’t always easy breezy. However, out of nowhere, there’s always that sudden sign of relief, and all becomes ok. That relief certainly doesn’t come out of thin air. The more seasoned become, the more I realize that all things happen for a reason and for my greater good. I think relying on God daily for his wisdom and guidance plays a great role in my day to day life. Lately, I’ve been tested with challenges – health, people, etc. and instead of giving into the state of being defeated, retaliating, or becoming over-whelmingly upset, I’ve literally, let go and allowed God. Plus, God never allows anything or ANYONE to get away with hurting his children; believe me, it’s super real. Nevertheless, God remains my source, my strength, my everything. This is why I wholeheartedly believe in these simple words – GOD IS MY SOURCE! Hoping each of you will jump on board and embrace this movement as well! =) Use code “MADAMESMITH10” because it gets you a discount off your purchase from!! Thank me later 😉


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