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Hey Lovelies! YES YES YES, yet another God Is My Source – Black/White Edition (dad hat)! But, before I get to that, Happy December y’all! Isn’t it beginning to feel a lot like the holiday season?!? This year it seems like there’s just so much festiveness all around – from the stores being crazy and crowded, sales everywhere, holiday decorations all around, etc. and honestly I can’t say I’m terribly loathing the holiday cheer per usual. Truthfully, I’ve not ever been an individual who gets super ecstatic or involved with all the holiday hype, but that’s simply because of my upbringing. We all have a story, right?!? In this upcoming year (2017) and in lieu of revamping my blog a bit, it’s definitely my intent to peel a few of my layers back and become a lot more transparent with you all. When I tell you that God is amazing, I mean honestly that’s a complete understatement. AND, I’m realizing that the more I open up with others, I’m learning that you never know the likelihood of how and what you’re/you’ve gone through may/might impact someone else. With that said, in all my perplexities and distresses, God has never failed me. I pray every single day about things that are important to ME and quite frankly, my conversations with God are simply the best I’ve had in my lifetime. He might converse with me in silence, but I hear him. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve failed, or people failed me, but rarely do I  feel life has neglected me because in my hours of feeling lonesome, there’s always a beacon right there willing and ready to rescue me. GOD IS MY SOURCE, MY STRENGTH, MY EVERYTHING! I’m thankful for battling cancer to know that, I’m thankful for having had my heart broken a few times to know this, I am thankful for the hypocritical, backstabbing, deceitful, untrustworthy, and insincere people and encounter’s I’ve experienced to undoubtedly know that God IS MY SOURCE. Unfortunately, I’ve learned this the hard way more times I would have liked, but God always has a miraculous  way of showing us that he’ll forever NEVER EVER fail us.

I’ve heard that these dad hats have been selling out like crazy, but are constantly restocked so check out and grab a couple for your family, friends, frenemies, etc. this holiday season because they’ll totally make the perfect gift… maybe even a cool stocking stuffer too! My code is still active so use it for a discount off your purchase – MADAMESMITH10! 

OHHHHH! And since Jhené commenced the “WHO WORE IT BETTER”  “God Is My Source” battle the other day, you know I had to jump right on in…….. Love the both of y’all but……. MADAME SMITH FOR THE WIN! jkjk 😉



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