“Every nation has a message to deliver, a mission to fulfill, and a destiny to reach!”

What a week it’s been America, but it’s #FRIDAY and we made it! Thank God, right?! I am however hopeful that in our lifetime, this country will be exceedingly great because of the pride we collectively invest in it. 🙌✌️💫

With the current state of the country – Trump stuff, rioting madness, and so on, I reflected on what could be done and what efforts we might take as a nation, in lieu of seeing strides to brighter days. America feels incredibly depressed, actually it’s felt like this for months now and I guess I just wondered what the cure might be to help the day-to-day despair we feel. In watching the news this week, I was so disgusted as I observed the rioting, Trumps antics, his supporter’s mania, the dangerous conduct of my fellow American brothers and sisters amongst another. NOW MORE THAN (I feel like I always say this) WE NEED OUR  HIGHER SOURCE – GOD and because of the times we are in, these battles are not ours to fight, at all! 

As we progress through the new year and maneuver in unfamiliar times, I AM PRAYING HARDER and more steadfast that we remain strong, keep our peace, and stay protected each step of the way in all of our upcoming days! 

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Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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