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Hey Lovelies and Happy International Women’s Day to all of my readers who are women! I believe that there’s much power in being a woman. We have come a long, long way I am super proud that my gender chosen at birth – FEMALE! In the handful of decades I’ve been in existence, I’ve not ever witnessed a better time than now, then to be a woman! We’re on the up-and-up in a multitude of ways. We’re openly supporting each other, we are standing up for each, we are encouraging another, and we’re showing so much love to another! 

Perhaps, as a gender we’ve begun accomplishing one of the greatest concepts God requests of us, which is to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” Unfolding right before my eyes, we (woman) are transitioning from that lame “every man for oneself” and are actively assisting another to succeed. I imagine God smiling at our progress, but there’s so much more progression to be made. We are in fact in pursuit of moving in the right direction, and I love being apart of this daily growth. 

Personally, it is my belief that today is not just a day to celebrate women worldwide for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic, or political, but it is also a day I believe we should celebrate girls who support each other. The scripture (John 14:2) tells us, “In My Father’s house there are many mansions. And if not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?” Isn’t our earthly day-to-day existence, our time here on earth a testament to whether or not we will reach the best place ever (HEAVEN)?!? Apologies for this rant, but I honestly think that one of the messages within this complex passage is that Jesus is providing an amazing illustration – showing us that we are to be loving, tight-knitted individuals, and embrace family community.

Nevertheless, I stand firm in proclaiming that it is imperative that girls begin/continue supporting each other! We must maintain the mindset of building each other up instead of bashing and tearing another down. To remain on the path of progression, we must continue to empower another persistently and fervently because one woman’s success is inspiration for another! I’ve literally crossed paths with many women who have inspired me and have helped me make positive changes in my life. Plus, when women encourage/genuinely support one another, incredible things happen! We need more of this! We need it now! FYI, it’s super cool to do it; we just have to play our part in turning this “trend”  into a forever kind of lifestyle.

Ladies, I celebrate you today! You desire it all – the world is yours, literally! God Bless!  MSsignature

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