GIMS Meets Fashion

God Is My Source Shirt | God Is My Source Hat | Asos Sandals 

Hey Lovelies! You know those “walk it like I talk it” Migos lyrics….?!? Probably the best set of lyrics created, because they challenge us to in fact, live life the way we proclaim to. It’s one thing to live by a statement, motto, phrase, slogan, etc., but another thing to turn it into a business with hopes that the message becomes infectious everywhere;  that’s completely next level. Guess what?!? This is what we’re doing and for that, we are all immensely grateful! Welcome to my “GIMS meets Fashion” blogpost dedicated to all all those who rock with our God Is My Source brand! 

I can’t tell you guys enough how extremely happy I am to be building a company with two amazing other persons, but aside from that, I love that I can combine two of my favorite things together and make it look amazing – God & Fashion. I’m pretty sure when we first developed this line, our intentions did not exceed casual, streetwear vibes. However, as the year has gone by, we’re adding more and more and our vision exceeds something more than a “right now” trend. We view it more as  a “forever-kind-of-lifestyle”.

If you ever catch me on the street, you’re more than likely going to find me in a GIMS t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hat. I’ve neglected a lot of my wardrobe pieces because I love our brand so much. It’s also free advertisement, lol, but beyond that, it is my hope that as many people as possible gain awareness to our movement! We are so passionate about spreading God Is My Source to the entire world!

Ever look at something or someone and just swoon? This is how I  feel about God and this business! Each person I witness supporting us, my heart overflows with joy. Every time I see our merch tagged on social media, I feel like we’re one step closer to our goals! If this message leads someone to Jesus Christ, if this message can save a soul, if this message can encourage others, we are on the right path and doing what we’re meant to be doing!

May God continue blessing each of you richly, and keeping you all in his care daily!

Peace and Forever Blessings,


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