IH&M Crop Top | Zara Pleated Skirt Kate Spade Flats/Purse/Bracelet

Hey Lovelies! In all things, there comes a point where FUN disappears, becomes lost, etc. This is I know to have validity because I’ve recently been experiencing this in my life. Many things I use to do for fun and/or things I thought were absolutely fun just haven’t been fulfilling me as late. Sure it’s easy for me to walk away and try something new or discover what is fun for me presently (which is not a completely bad idea if/when I’ve exhausted all other solutions), but I’ve been struggling to recover that flame that drove me to Carpe Diem and do all the fun things that hold significance in my life. A few things have trigger my “feels” as of late and to be honest, it’s been easy for me to remain in the state of letting life just be life. Honestly speaking, there are some days I feel like I’m out-of-body observing myself conduct my normal routines and it almost feels like I am suffocating or being stifled in some way. I take comfort in knowing that life is not perfect and there’s a way to snap out if it, if I so choose to do so.

However, while I’m getting myself back on track trying to get out my “feels” this whole FUN theme from Kate Spade is the reminder I need. A lot of things I used to do – travel the world, cooking, exercising, shopping, blogging, people watching, etc., I completely neglected. Many reasons have contributed to my anti-fun life as late, but I can’t stand it a day longer. Maturing and learning more and more in life has taught me that just because things are one way today, doesn’t mean they have to remain the same. I’m turning another year older in a few days and there’s much to be grateful for. It’s also time to implement all the fun things back in my life and live vivaciously! 

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