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Hey Lovelies! Flowers are my favorite. Simply put, flowers say it all. If you’ve read even just a handful of my posts, you’ve probably come across a floral print I’m admiring or obsessing over. Anything from floral prints, to art, to the real deal, flowers truly say it all. Their natural beauty, symbolic meanings, and comforting presence give them a superpower. I often stop and think about how God knew exactly what he was doing when he created flowers. And of course, I’m overly fond of several kinds of them. Depending on the type, I’m actually borderline obsessed with some (if I’m being completely honest). 

My primary fondness aside from their outward beauty is that on any given occasion –  “Happy Birthday,” “I Love You,” “Thank You,” “Feel Better,” “I’m Sorry,” “My Condolences,” “Congratulations,” “Happy Holidays,” “Have a Great Day,” can be appropriately complemented with flowers. Name another something that has that same effect…… I’m willing to bet, you can’t. Point being, flowers say it all, and express what words sometimes simply cannot or even better in some cases. 

So one of my ultimate flower dreams came true, which is photographing in front of a real-life floral situation. I would have been extremely mad with myself if I didn’t seize this opportunity. I mean who really would pass up the chance to take a photo on authentic flower wall; not made or man-made constructed?  Surely, I  wasn’t and can’t begin to tell how in awe I was by mother nature. Things like this bring so much joy and happiness to my entire existence; my pictures reflect that. It’s the simple things like this I truly believe within my entire existence that reminds me how amazing God truly is. 

I also must note how happy I was to finally have an excuse to wear an entire floral look. Ironically I’ve had both of these pieces in my wardrobe for years. I followed my intuition and decided not to donate or get rid of them. I’m so glad I didn’t……!

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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