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Hey Lovelies! Never have I ever ….. visited FLOWER FIELDS before. Thanks to the rapidly evolving world of technology, I am able to document this amazing adventure with each of you and share it on my personal blog.

If I’m 100% honest, I found these flower fields scrolling through social media the other day. I love it when this outlet (SOCIAL MEDIA) can be utilized for great things – especially when I discover a place, event, etc. and it enables me the opportunity to explore and create memories for myself.

Nonetheless, I asked my forever best friend “GOOGLE” to help me find where these picturesque flower fields reside. I eventually stumbled upon the location and set out to marvel in the flower fields’ beauty for a moment – AKA –  awkwardly stare at a multitude of flowers amid several other visiting guests, WHILE smiling and pretending that all that glitters is gold WHILE other visitors both indiscreetly and discreetly gawked at me in the waiting line to catch the same shot. Talk about doing whatever it takes to get the shot… sometimes these situations can be quite uncomfortable. Fear not, I prevailed nonetheless, and managed to capture some shots I really liked.

After becoming tiresome of playing the wait game and attempting to avoid the patrol people who served the purpose of enforcing following the rules (staying within the “shooting bounds”) I elected to walk around to take the scenery in. Side note, this is my new favorite thing to do, especially when I visit new places and/or experience new things. Sure, I’m all for getting a “good shot” or a few to document for my blog and social media outlets, but I also realize the importance of taking life in. Does that make sense? Think about it, in a blink of an eye, life has the capability to change or be taken away, so it is our duty to ourselves to not take anything for granted. Being present in the moment serves as our gratitude to the creator. I am so grateful to be learning this more and more daily. Nevertheless, in that moment at the flowers fields, I closed my eyes and thanked God for creating such an amazing place and providing me the opportunity to witness such amazingness. As I opened my eyes, Psalm 46:10 came to my memory, “be still, and know that I amqa…….” I smiled and felt like God smiled right back at me. 

On another note, visiting the flower fields upped my obsession with flowers! I’ve always loved the various colors, types, smells, and everything else about them, but these fields are seriously flower goals and I’m currently trying to figure out how my future backyard can mimmic them, lol. This might seem strange, but I even like when flowers have reached their last leg because it’s something about them being nearly dead that gives me a keen sense of gratitude for everything around me. What always comes to my mind is, “that could be me” – on my last leg, which is why I most times try and remember how precious the gift of life really is. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I become fed up and think about how amazing heaven would be too, but until that time comes, it’s my duty to strive to make the best of what I have and the cards I am dealt here in the now.  Extreme thinking? Quite possibly, lol, but I know there’s a handful of you agreeing with me and has at one or another point been intrigued with the life span of flowers too!

I won’t be stingy and make you search for these beyond amazing flower fields in case you’re interested in visiting. The place is “Carlsbad Flower Fields” located in Carlsbad, California. Click the link in case you’d like to research more…!


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