Forever 21 Matching Set | Asos Sandals | Forever 21 Purse 

Hey Lovelies! When life hands you either floral or polka dots, never fret; instead slap them on a print and create the best darn mixed printed collaboration ever –  or at least that’s where I’d like to think this Floral x Polka Dots print came about. Regardless of this print’s origin, it’s amazing and I’m really really loving it! It’s definitely picture perfect for spring, right?! In fact, this set totally makes me think of summer, which I’m actually pacing myself for. Because springtime is my favorite time, I’m never in much of a rush for summer to come around.

Come to think of it, the last time I even became super ecstatic for summer was probably a few decades ago,  dating back my grade school days – when I could actually look forward to free summers. Although, I was forced to partake in enrichment programs  and/or activities, there was still a leisure vibe about summer. O, how I miss those days because it meant not having to wake up at the crack of dawn every morning or having the responsibility of homework, assignments, or studying. Fast forward to adulting…. What is summer even now aside from overly hot temperatures?  Adulting has caused my summers t become completely obsolete, unless I force myself to take a vacay or engage in intriguing things.

Nevertheless, in the interim, is it ok that I pretend that I’m back in my elementary school years, enjoying all the days of summertime?

I’m hoping to run across a few more Floral x Polka Dots prints! They’re simply the absolute best, if done right! MSsignature

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