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Hey Lovelies! A little “Floral Sophistication” makes my OOTD that much more perfect for a weekday look! If you like I know, I’ve definitely had my fair share of encountering how traditional some “corporate” jobs can be; trust me I know all about those stickler dress codes. Nevertheless, whoever said you can’t add spice to your workwear, especially if it consists of a little FLORAL & SOPHISTICATION. Let’s admit it, dark colors have run their course and quite frankly wearing them on the regular personally brings my spirits completely down. If you’re like me, colors, especially bright hues (because they’re complete mood changers for me) have a way of putting me in such a great mood. Think about it, how could you vibe not reflect happiness if/when wearing the color yellow, orange, etc. In this case, I’m in complete boss babe mode, but I look and feel great playing the part. I think it’s because I’m wearing one of my favorite colors, FLORAL, lol, so that case, you’ll always find me in a great mood when rocking it. I thought about saving this look for Easter, but needed to do that day a lot more justice, plus I have another something special in mind so I decided to wear this for an important meeting.

Also, if the neckline or my specific top doesn’t pass your work wear rules, this sort of look can easily be paired with a collared shirt. As we know, some work environments can be extremely strict so I know that a bodysuit would not pass the test, however they’re several alternatives. Since  I strongly believe in medians and compromise, I definitely appreciate a professional working environment with dress codes, so if protocol is to cover up, go ahead and spice it up with floral. A little classy, fabulous, and sophistication won’t hurt anybody! 


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