Asos dress ::  Aldo sandals

Hey Lovelies! As summer’s end is nearing,  I am definitely noticing floral patterns and colors darkening. Strangely enough, I love that floral is still relevant. Well, come to think of it, even if it’s not, floral will always and foreva eva be relevant in my wardrobe! Leave it to me, the consistent fashion rule breaker ;-p!!

Can we just take in a moment to admire how beautiful this dress is?!? The material is a bonded mesh which I’ve never owned. I really love this floral mesh because the floral pattern is quite distorted. However, that same distortion is what I think brings a brilliantly unique twist to this garment. I also love the asymmetrical neckline and one shoulder detailing. If you guys haven’t noticed, I am overly found of simple yet elaborate detailing and this forever makes me grateful to fashion designers for exercising such creativity. I wanted to briefly comment on this see-through caged clutch I’ve been rocking lately because I’ve received so many compliments on it!  I haven’t tagged its location or name because I purchased it from a small boutique-ish/one-of-a-kind store that unfortunately has no website and I can’t remember the name. Now, I know some of you may be thinking thoughts like, “yeah right” and “she just doesn’t want to share where she purchased it from” lol. Truth be told, I love sharing where I get things from with you guys! After all,  we all have our own individual styles anyway and how I’d pair something might be completely different from the next person. With that being said, if I find one of the same or similar, I’ll definitely create a special post and let you guys know.

In other newa, are you guys anticipating autumn as much as I am?!? We’ve been experiencing unusual and unbearably high temperatures here in Southern California for the last couple of days. And while I know that Autumn in So Cal is typically still in the higher temperatures, at least there’s the anticipation of the winter months soon approaching. I’m also very excited for Fall 2015 fashion. I’m looking forward most to the influences of graphic black and white, folksy tribal, military styling, the eighties comeback, and the continuation of the seventies! More than anything, I’m pretty excited for layering. Layering is something I have rarely done, but I have quite a few ideas I want to try! At any rate, cheers to another painstakingly hot So Cal summa day! 


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