Kate Spade Dress | Also Sandals 

Hey Lovelies! I’ve come to the conclusion that when you combine me with floral, there’s a floral greatness that instantly produces. This epiphany hit me the other day as I was conducting a little spring cleaning. Nonetheless, floral gets me, it suits me, and most importantly, it has never failed me. Why do I call floral greatness you might ask? Well, floral is greatness in my opinion because it’s been around  only for the ages of time. Also, when you think of printed fabrics, what pops into you head? For me, it’s always, always a floral pattern running through my brain. This can’t be surprising considering florals are perhaps one of the most ubiquitous motiffs in fashion, right? Very few other patterns can claim that title. They often say to not be afraid of greatness. It’s also been said that some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them. Interestingly enough, these are my exact thoughts about floral. Floral is inherently beautiful, and available in a million different colors, textures, and styles. So seems like to me that floral is pretty darn amazing and luckily for me, I’m not the only person who sorta thinks so as well. 

This Kate Spade number gave me the feels which is why I’m here gushing and mushing about floral and all it’s greatness. Per usual, you can always count on Kate Spade for the perfect floral dress. Whenever I get the floral feels, Kate Spade is always my go-to. I’m completely obsessed with how each floral number of theirs lends the absolute perfect touch of loveliness to every garment. Their eye for imagery and aesthetics complete the perfect equation every time! Their florals also just make me very very very happy happy happy happy! How many brands do you know make you feel as such? Also, if you wait long enough, you’re going to find your favorite new arrival on sale in a few months. Guys, I alwayssssss get lucky in finding my new favorites on sale shortly thereafter! My patience in fashion is probably more than patience than with anything else, yikes! LOL! Hey , no judgment. Still working on bettering me! At any rate, before I skip out,  I just thought  I let y’all know that I’m wearing my favorite flower today! The way to my heart you might wonder? Beautiful hydrangeas! 


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