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Target skirt :: Target crop top :: Sophia Webster sandals 

Hi lovelies! Not sure about you guys, but I can never walk into Target and purchase only what I intended to. Nope. Never happens. I always find myself commencing my linger in the women’s section, then to accessories, after which pajamas & underwear section, next bedding and linens, then the greeting cards section, following cosmetics & beauty, then electronics, and finally after making my rounds, looking at the list I typed in the notes section of my phone to remember what I came for in the first place. YIKES! I’ll admit I’ve got something along the lines of a serious problem when it comes to shopping at Target. I know I’m not the only person who does this though, right?  Something about darn Target that makes me buy a load of unnecessary items I probably could very well do without, lol! I always convince myself that because the items I’m purchasing are always reasonably priced that its ok to go ahead and get them. However, when I get home and sort through what I purchased and realize I have no space to accommodate these items, I get pretty irritated. But, what can I say, I lack in the self-control department at good ole TARGET! Is there therapy for this?!? LOL! 

Nevertheless, I found this darling historic-esque floral brocade co-ordinates and couldn’t resit.Truthfully, there was no weighing whether or not I actually needed this co-ords set, would I get more than one wearing, etc. (my usual devil’s advocate purchasing routine).  For starters, the print is floral! You guys should totally know me by now, but if you’re just getting acquainted with my style, you’ll quickly learn that I’m obsessed with everything floral. But, I love that the print isn’t your typical flowery floral. It’s more of an abstract floral with earthy tones and patterns inspired by a classic floral brocade design, and with an array of my favorite colors intertwined, I was sold! I also really admire the heavy brocade material of this co-ords, which makes it look a lot more expensive than its true value. The design is more on the elegant/conservative side so it could be worn on a date or for work depending on how and what you pair it with. Definitely love the stylish pleated skirt and flared A-line shape symmetry (always flatters the body). Paring my Sophia Webster’s sandals with this look seemed only right; jazzed up my look a bit while still keeping it classy.

But, seriously guys, I need a little help. My Target addiction over the years has progressively worsened. Only thing that makes me feel slightly better is that I have a few shares in the corporation! ;-p 


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