Eccentric Kristoure Blouse | House of Chic Denim Aldo Sandals | Aldo Clutch


Hey Lovelies! It’s no secret that fashion is always repeating itself. Therefore, it can never be too difficult when attempting to create a “flashback” look, and let’s admit it, there’s nothing more fun than a good ole fashion flashback. Although I’m a proud 80’s baby, I’m a huge fan of 70’s fashion. In fact, this look definitely made me feel like I was reliving fashion from that decade’s past. Plus, doesn’t this look (if nothing else) put you in the mood to go to a disco party…..??? OH, not to mention I keep singing Parliament’s “Flashlight” line over and over “everybody’s got a little light under the sun…” because for whatever I keep imaging if one were to remake that video for the modern-day, this look might just be more than suitable! Also, that’s the only line I know from the song, LOL!! 

In addition, I’m really excited that Eccentric Kristoure, an amazing online boutique, had this in their inventory to send me because pieces like these are pretty timeless. Upon receiving this blouse, I was somewhat challenged with how I’d style it. I actually had not a clue, but I knew I had to make it nothing short of fantastic since it was kindly gifted to me. Nevertheless, after I pondered  a few different options, I went with these ultra flared denim pants from one of my favorite online boutique’s (HOUSE OF CHIC), which are also timeless! Wardrobe pieces like these are ones you wanna keep in your closet because they can be recycled time and time again. Lastly, I wanted to bring out one of the colors in shirt and it just so happened to be the red/orange tone. If ever you’re searching for affordable perfect pairs (matchy matchy shoes and bags), I’ll forever recommend Aldo because you can always count on those sort of pairs every single season in their inventory!

Well guys, I’m off to go pretend like I’m about to crash a Disco Jam…… “EVERYBODY’S GOT A LITTLE LIGHT UNDER THE SUN, UNDER THE SUN, UNDER THE SUNNNN!” 

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