H&M Lace BodysuitH&M Skirt | Nordstrom Faux Fur Stole | Aldo Pumps

Hey Lovelies! I’d like to think of myself as “Fine Wine” because I get better with age, and believe me when I say, I’m only going to get better – in all aspects of my life. Lately, I’ve noticed that all the work that I’ve put in myself is paying off. By “work” I’m referring to my inner self! I finally have an understanding about how your inner beautiful self makes you even more beautiful on the outside. My mother used to tell me that it’s on the inside that counts. Remember those Kanye West lyrics, “The prettiest people do the ugliest things on the road to riches and diamond rings”??? I’ve come across so many individuals whose physical appearances are absolutely amazing, but their actions immediately changed my perception. Nonetheless, I don’t want to spend  much time ranting about others and what they look like because the truth is I could careless about the appearances of others in that regard because I’m steadying working overtime making myself the best person possible – inside and outside. I never want to be that individual who becomes complacent or satisfied with myself; there is always always always always room for growth, improvement, and progression. I’ve come a very long way and much progression to achieving who I ultimately want to be, but often reflect on how I can be an even better me!

This outfit all in all reminds me of Fine Wine. Obviously the wine tones helped encouraged this title,  but this is me at this very moment in my life. I embrace who I am and what I’ve become. The aspects of me that I’m not fond of, I change! Why? How? Guess what, because I’m allowed to do so. This looks depicts precisely who I am at this stage in my life. I’ll leave that up to you guys to decide who and what that is. All I know is, I’m like “Fine Wine” and I’m loving and embracing every moment of this stage of life right now! 😉MSsignature

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