Asos Dress | Christian Louboutin Pumps | YSL Clutch

Hey Lovelies! Draped in sequins, sheer, and tie detailing, I’m featuring fancy in this little number today. I love fancy, well in moderation. There are days I prefer to dress in the most comfiest of leisure wear in the world possible, aka pajamas, but today is a fancy day. Fancier fashion looks retain a sense of fun, color, and glamour in which you can’t usually ever go wrong with; I think, lol. Featuring a fancier look also brings out more of self assuredness characteristic in me. Not to be confused, I am not proclaiming that wearing fancier clothes affords me confidence, but it definitely reassures me that wearing more a of poised look feels good too! Let’s not pretend that clothes don’t affect the mind. If you’re like me, you’re definitely wishing that scientists would hurry up and figure out the brain chemistry behind obsessive interest in clothes. In the next few years I’m really hoping for a cure too, so that I can turn my fashion obsession on and off whenever I want! Ok, maybe that’s a little nonsensical, lol. What I do know however, is that my outfits for sure alter how I personally interact with the world. Today, you get a more assertive me. Cheers to those good days in which looking and feeling great aren’t a fake! MSsignature

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  1. You look sensational!! Your hair is always flawless and your smile is so pretty. You look stunning in this dress, it really shows off your gorgeous body and the front is really really sexy. Fancy looks good on u! Heres to more fancy days!! 😉 x x x


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