“Time moves on, and the summer must go; No doubt we’ll be dazzled by autumn’s show. Autumn prefers to paint us a different scene; It likes to wipe summer’s palette clean. Some say farewell to summer with a sad tear; But, others much prefer this time of year. Chill September mornings may be here again, But our memories of this summer will remain.-Angela WybrowZL7A0048ZL7A0040ZL7A0193ZL7A0200ZL7A01651ZL7A0194ZL7A0142 Hope you all had a lovely 93 days of summer!!! I couldn’t end my summer without going out with a bang! So here it is, my last “Madame Smith” design for summer 2014. Isn’t this print AWE-MAZ-IN-NESS (AWESOMENESS combined AMAZING)?!?! I must say so myself, lol. But in all seriousness it captures everything I love about summer – bright colors, sunshine, fun, flirty, with a litte classiness. Now that I think about it, that’s usually me on an ordinary day in any season, but, I did enjoy the uberly overload of sunshine that summer afforded us this year. My summer vibes all the way around were nice, especially my random beach days and sporadic vacations. Thank you summer for an overall wonderful 3 months and 1 day. Farewell summer and hello autumn!! =)

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