We only want, we only ask, that when we stand up and talk about one nation under God, liberty, justice for everybody, we only want to be able to look at the flag, put our right hand over our heats, repeat those words, and know that they are true. – Barbara Jordan 

Fannie Lou Hamer stated………

“nobody is free until everyone is free”

Therefore, I am joining many others in not celebrating Independence Day today, because when you think it about how can freedom be celebrated if everyone is not free?

Over the last few months, I’ve been more aware and WOKE over the #blacklivesmatter movement. Before the George Floyd occurrence, I was pretty neutral. I believed that all lives mattered and would defend that wholeheartedly. My upbringing was diversified, so skin tone and color weren’t as relevant to me, and since I seek to love everyone as Christ loves me, racism is so far removed from my DNA! However, reality hit harder these past few months, and unbeknownst of my ignorance towards all lives mattering, my beliefs have transformed – BLACK LIVES MATTER! 

In educating myself much more and typically acknowledging a day like today (Independence Day) ordinarily, I am led to not celebrate America of 1776. I refuse to rejoice in freedom and liberty because freedom has not been granted to all. Technology has enabled more awareness surrounding the occurrences of those whose lives have been taken unjustly and many of those lives lost have reflected unjust behavior and racism. Therefore, why delight in the Fourth when on a daily base there are experiences that incessantly remind me that I am not. As an adult BLACK WOMAN, I know what being racially discriminated against, harassed, dehumanized, and marginalized feels like. I’m sure we all have some point have been. Though I know it’ll not cease in one day, we can continue doing our part to educate ourselves on our rights, voting, and standing up for what is rightly ours – FREEDOM! Until then, what is Independence day aside from it merely being the FOURTH OF JULY! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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