“Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.” – Hans Christian AndersenIMG_6551IMG_6481IMG_6525IMG_6495IMG_64951IMG_6578IMG_65861IMG_65961
 No matter who or what tries to discourage or deter your from your fairy tale, never give up. It’s often said that if you truly believe in something, and if it’s aligned with your destiny, your desires will become reality. We as individuals are blessed because life in itself is a fairy tale and because this is true, everything else will fall into place. But it doesn’t hurt to be with someone who is irrevocably crazy about you and who treats you like a queen, RIGHT! LOL! I, personally LOVE all that picture-perfect fairy tale stuff (love, passion, flowers, mushiness, romantic getaways, spontaneity,  etc.) because I’m definitely a hopeless romantic at heart.  
So guys, I know it is long overdue, but MADAME SMITH, the designer is BACK! I’ve been bitten by the design bug and I’m definitely inspired, now more than ever!! I can’t wait for you guys to witness my designs come to life and follow this journey with me. I’ve fallen in love with so many amazing fabrics and patterns, which are absolutely perfect for this upcoming season, FALL! 
Are you guys as in love with crop tops as I am? Yes yes I know, they’ve been around for like ever and ever now, but I’m obsessed with how cute they are when paired with skirts (long, midi, short), and shorts, pants, overalls, and absolutely everything! However, notice this is just no simplistic crop top! Notice the back and its detailing! What may be considered a little risque’, isn’t in this case because of how the crop top is paired. This is the beauty of fashion, typical rules can always be broken and recreated by you!! 
 Madame Smith Collection shirt :: Madame Smith Collection skirt (inspired by KTR Style) :: Christian Louboutin pumps :: Aldo messenger bag :: MK watch  :: XX1 rings



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