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Forever 21 Top  :: American Eagle Jeans :: Aldo Pumps 

Hey Lovelies! I know you guys have heard the old saying, “every story has an end, but in life every ending is just a new beginning.” While many of us have heard this saying, I know the other half of us have actually experienced this. Personally, I’ve known this to be true on a few occasions during my lifetime. BUT, trust me, I’m so very glad that I learned this sooner than later because if those stories (situations, circumstances) had not ended, I wouldn’t have witnessed beautiful beginnings. For whatever reason, humanity has a hard time embracing that we are meant to start anew and that we are meant to experience those sudden breaths of fresh air. It is not natural for us to stay the same. We are meant to evolve and we are meant to experience the beauty of change. Mother nature is our grandest example of this; she is never not changing, she never stops evolving. So what gives us human beings the right to be resistant to the absolute best part of being a human being????? I cringe, like in real life, when I hear people say that they will never change or that they are fine just the way they are. I can’t help but think to myself, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME….. Clearly this person doesn’t realize how ignorant he/she sounds.”  But, that’s none of my business. I’m glad you and I know the importance forward movement! 

In lieu of the life lesson imparted (lol), I really like this shirt. Like, realllllllly love it! The sequins, the colors, and the boy fit all do it for me. Playing it up with polka dots was something I thought about on spot (no pun intended). I’m extremely glad the idea came to mind because it gives the look a nice artsy touch. The pink, pale jeans added a nice random pop to the look. I often times like experimenting with casual looks, and although I attempted something unusual here, I actually swooned over the outcome of this look! I absolutely loved it! 


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