Asos Two Piece Set | H&M Clutch | Christian Louboutin Pumps

Hey Lovelies! Catch me “EMERALDING” in my unique pinstriped two-piece suit today. Fact about me –  my birthstone is emerald which I haven’t always been incredibly fond of. However, in recent years the stone has grown on me considerably. What I’ve learned to love most about this gem is that, “an emerald shines even if it’s not spoken of.” Deep! Right? Lol! But in all serious, I’m willing to bet that in some point in our lives, we’ve all felt that we haven’t received proper credit due, or all the hard work you’ve put in hasn’t gotten noticed?! If you haven’t please tell me where I can purchase your amazing superpowers, but if you can totally relate with me, take a second to think about how an emerald would feel if it could feel. I mean seriously, could you imagine being valued more than a diamond in some cases, but rarely even mentioned or treated as such?

On more occasions than not, I’ve felt like, “geez, how come I’m not getting the credit I deserve,” or “does anyone know how hard I work and my efforts rarely noticed.”  I am guilty of putting so many before myself that I always seem to distract myself to linger much in those thoughts especially since it sorta borders negativity. I do however, often remind myself that I’m still shining whether or not I’m spoken of or talked about. See the way I’m set up, my Heavenly Father has created me for a specific purpose and has proclaimed amazing plans for my life and because of that alone, whatever HE has ordained for me, I will shine within and throughout. Truthfully I decided that if it’s not pleasing unto him, it doesn’t matter what anyone things or says. It’s taken me awhile to even get to that point. Lot’s of hurt and pain from life circumstances has birthed a “screw what anyone else thinks” mentality. I’ve become numb to wanting to be a people pleaser and bending over backwards for those who have little to none relevance in my life. Those who do, well, they’re usually placed above my wants and needs, lol, but  I simply don’t get all worked up as much as I used to. Again, it’s been a process and it’s taken a long long while to reach this point. 

Emeralding, is what I call it. Not a word that can be found in the dictionary because I made it up, but a significant word to remember when you feel like life doesn’t acknowledge your shine. Remember you’re always shining in God’s eyesight. 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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  1. You look so classy and sexy in this outfit. I like the colours too. That last portrait of you is just perfect! You are so pretty and your eyes and lips are beautiful. Such a nice picture. 😉 x x x


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