Go Jane Jumpsuit :: Sophia Webster Bootie :: Sophia Webster Clutch

Hey Lovelies! Are any of you like me and just wonder how and where a designer obtains their inspo???? I’ve said this about every single Sophia Webster item I’ve ever worn. Sophia Webster and her design team take creativity to another level and honestly, I’d be willing to argue that she is by far the most creative shoe designer presently. I mean can we just take a moment to look at the embellished detailing on my shoes and bag. I’m literally wearing a combination of underwater sea corals, an array of neon colors, and a funky print and it absolutely works, works, WORKS! I’m not going to lie, I’ve got it bad, bad, BAD for Sophia Webster anything (shoes & bags) and I’m ok with sleeping at night knowing she might just be the designer to consistently take all my funds. Wait, joking! Well, somewhat, lol! However, like this embellished pair, I love that her collection is always centered around variety and all of her products really add that “spice of life” sort of flavor. I must also mention that EVERY SINGLE PAIR OF SOPHIA WEBSTER SHOES I OWN ARE SUPER DUPER COMFORTABLE. I wore this bad a** combination to a concert recently, walked a nice little distance from my car to the venue, danced the night away, and felt NO PAIN. Shall I repeat, NO PAIN. If you’re on the fence about purchasing any of her pieces because her collection is pretty one-time statement-esque, keep in mind that you will without doubt get every penny worth. Plus, her shoes are reasonably priced in my opinion especially since she’s on the higher-end scale. I cannot begin to tell you how many compliments I received on these embellished beauties, so I’m anxiously planning my next look for this pair. I’m maybe something slightly more dressy since I went with the sporty chic route this time around. Nevertheless, I do plan on getting my monies worth! =)


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