Ellos Sweater | Spanx Tights | Miss Lola Ankle Boots 

Hey Lovelies!!! My cozy day uniform as of late = an oversized sweater, my favorite tights from Spanx, and these Miss Lola snake-skin ankle boots! I was gifted this Ellos sweater for a campaign, but I haven’t  been able to part ways from it one bit. Dunno why oversized never really seemed majorly appealing to me before the way it does now? But, I’m most certain that as of late, you will find me always looking for an excuse to be comfortable and casual. Sure it’s ’tis the season to be dressy, fancy, and all that goodness, however, my desire is to keep it basic and simple. What better way to do execute than with simplicity?!?

Also, I can’t lie, these Spanx leggings are a product of from a brand collaboration, and I have not been able to part ways from these either. I diligently wash these after each wearing, which has now become at least twice a week. I absolutely love how comfortable and chic these leggings are, oh and VERY COMFIE! The leather-ish detailing really make me feel like I’m actually dressing up every single look I create with them, or is slightly delusional, lol. Nonetheless, comfort is key right?!  This is me and I like her right now!

Peace and Forever Blessings,


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