“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.” -Audrey HepburnIMG_8485IMG_8511IMG_8572IMG_8582IMG_8416IMG_8697IMG_8438IMG_8470IMG_8523
As I went back to the drawing board, I wanted to create  a piece that was timeless but elegant. Currently trending are 1950’s and 1960’s shirts. While I’m absolutely smitten with the full skirts, I wanted to design something a little more bold. Which, wallah, why not a TRUMPET SKIRT!!! Initially, when I began the concept, I thought that this skirt might be a little too risque for for my body type because it shows off “the derriere” lol. However, once I dressed it up with a lace crop top and pearls, I think I achieved the elegant look I was aiming for!!!  
Madame Collection skirt ::  BEBE crop top :: XXI striped pumps :: XXI crossbody bag (worn as messenger) 

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