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HOC Jumpsuit :: Aldo Pumps :: Aldo Satchel 

Hey Lovelies! Since I’m still on a floral print strike, I’ve been on chill vibes lately. Not that I can’t be dressy without floral, but I’ve been working like cray and tend to be on a “dressing-up-casual” kick. Nevertheless, what better way to embrace chill vibes than with “Denim, Fuchsia, & Bows” right?!? I might just be a little biased, but this look makes the perfect combination and perhaps that’s because  I’ve incorporated a few of my favorite things in this look. Denim is always my go-to, but I really love this jumpsuit because it’s a really soft butter-feeling type of denim. In simpler terms, it doesn’t really feel like I’m wearing anything, lol.  Plus, it looks great dressed up or down, and the cleavage factor makes for a good sexy twist. Fuchsia! Everyone knows that any color in the pink family is favorite color of mine so I was pretty smittened with this matching pair from Aldo. In addition, what girly girl doesn’t love bows?!?! Bows will always be relevant in my world, no matter grandma-esque I get!!! So there you have it   – Denim, Fuchsia, & Bows! 


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