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Madame Smith Collection skirt :: H&M tank :: Forever 21 sandals :: Forever 21 satchel 

Hi Lovelies! Tis the season of SPRING! I loveeeeeeeee this season because it always feels like a new beginning. Can you believe it, we are already three months into the new year, so spring is always a time for me to reflect on my own life. Perhaps its because of the blooming trees and flowers, the warmer spring sun, or that we’re 1/4 into the year. Whatever the case, spring always reminds me of new beginnings and gives me hope that nothing is really ever worth giving up over. Spring also reminds me that a new start, a new beginning, a new idea, or a new way of doing things is possible. Spring is my beacon of  a fresh start. I hope that this spring affords you guys tons of positive energy, joy, and endless possibilities. Whatever your hearts desire, go for it! Life teaches us that whatever we want in life, the first simple step is to simply ask! So, dear Spring… 

I saw this fabric the other day and decided it would be more than perfect to commence spring. Pink hues in a print, how could I ever go wrong?!? My addiction for prints will probably never cease, at least not any time soon. However, though I have a gazillion printed midi skirts (designed and purchased), this look never gets old to me. There’s always another way to style it without making it look so similar to a previous look. 


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