Hey Lovelies! I recently joined Motorola and Cricket to introduce the new “Cricket Motorola E5 Supra.” I’ve been an iPhone user for years, but found myself with all smiles because of all the amazing new features this phone has. I especially love the long lasting mAH battery (1.5 day battery life) because it matches my long-day lifestyle, leaving me to not worry about my phone dying in the midst of my daily grind. The large 6″ HD screen, single 12 MP rear camera, and single 8 MP front camera (both with flash) are also great features too which means even more content and selfies!!!! If I’m 100% honest with you guys, there’s no way I’m going to can my iPhone and it’d take a lot for me not to be an Apple user, but as mentioned, I do like the features this phone has, so I’m considering using it as secondary line. Who’s leveling up with me?!?! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, MSsignature

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