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Forever 21 Crop Top :: Forever 21 A-line Skirt :: Sophia Webster Sandals :: YSL Clutch

Hey Lovelies! In the fashion realm, the word “contemporary” is thrown around a trillion times on a daily basis. Fashion fanatics proclaim that contemporary labels allow you to up your designer arsenal without forcing you to exist on a McDonald’s diet, lol. But, for me, contemporary pieces are constructed with everyday wear in mind, allowing me to embrace both designer aesthetic and quality craftsmanship. Several brands are considered contemporary, however, pricing is certainly lower than a luxury brand price point. Nevertheless, when I paired the pieces together (shown above), I was pleased that I was able to  incorporate a few contemporary brands (higher end and lower scale) that created this “Contemporary for Less” look. But, I’ll be honest with you guys, achieving a contemporary for less look happened to be a accident in this case, lol. However, once seeing how everything came together, it sorta triggered the light bulb and encouraged me to write about mixing highs and lows.

Personally, I’ve always been an individual who invests in higher-end bags and shoes versus clothing because from my experience I get more wearing out of a pair shoes and bags/clutches/totes/ etc.. Alternatively, I don’t spend much money on clothing and typically purchase items either on sale or for a really good bargain. Every individual has their preference, but this how I usually create my contemporary looks inexpensively. This look is a perfect example of this. I’ve paired a Forever 21 matching separates set (obviously not priced very high) with my Sophia Webster sandals and YSL Clutch that are of higher value. Didn’t too much mind paying the big buck for the clutch and shoes because I know that I will get several wearings out of them. Moral of the Contemporary For Less story is, fake the funk. Just do it!!!!!!  Don’t spend big bucks on every single piece of your wardrobe. After all, achieving contemporary looks are quite ambiguous anyway and let’s face it, my interpretation of contemporary  might not be the same for you or the next person. As I always encourage, don’t feel pressured by the labels given by the Almighty Fashion Gurus! Have fun with what you’ve got and don’t be afraid to mix your high-end pieces with your inexpensive ones. 


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