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Hey Lovelies! In reflection today, I began contemplating on consistency and who/what the most consistent  person, place, thing, etc, in my life is. Unfortunately, no one or nothing came to mind –  except for GOD. Reason being, in uncomfortable and painful seasons, often times, these are the moments in my life that I feel most lonely. Perhaps it’s because I tend to shut everyone out, I know that their capacity to help is limited, and/or I simply don’t ever want to burden anyone. My personal seasons of change are usually painful, I’m not even going to lie. However, I’m always optimistic that I’m going through what I’m going through because I’m suppose to be learning, molding, refining, or even experiencing a trial by fire for a reason. Though I’m slightly wiser now, it’s still a large pill to swallow when these periods arise. If you pondered long enough, could you come up with anyone/anything that is consistent in your life  aside from GOD? 

In my past, I’ve personally relied heavily on people – for their their love, opinions, support, you name it! Gosh, I can’t tell you how many times I felt let down by being let down, yet still repeated those same mistakes over and again. There have been many instances in my life when I’ve felt trapped and overwhelmed with not many solutions in sight; confronted with challenges that have at glance seemed to have no resolution. My heart has experienced heaviness and I’ve felt several cases of doubt, emotional rollercoasters, and the list goes on! In these situations, natural instinct leads you to believe you need someone around – for love, support, and/or to help you get through. 

Here’s the thing about life when it comes to  humanity, places, and things, there’s always going to be a chance that you feel let down by them. My guess is that it’s intended to be that way to help us realize that God is consistent and constant regardless of the change within and  around us. Contrary to some popular thought, God is constant, God never changes; God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. God is the one thing you can really count on that won’t change. In fact, Malachi 3:6 begins with, “I the Lord do not change.”

I often evaluate my own habits, because I’d never want those around me to feel like I’m inconsistent, etc. Quite frankly inconsistency makes me feel uncomfortable, so I’m consistently working to achieve consistency. In addition to be consistent with those around me, it’s also important for me to remain consistent with myself. It is also important to me that majority of my beliefs, values, morals, and attitude across the board align with another to ensure that my inner beliefs match my outer actions. For example, I claim to be a caring and generous person, yet I refuse to donate my money to the needy…..! Doesn’t add up, right?!

For many individuals in my life, I am and always have served as a listening ear or “their” person to provide perspective and reasoning. Recently a friend of mine posed the question, why does it always seem like you’re in middle of people’s mix, doesn’t it get exhausting? At first I began to question myself, like why do I allow friends and acquaintances to lay their loads on me frequently?  Sure there are times when I have so much already going on in my world and I don’t have the capacity to be there for others, but when I think about it, this is who I’ve always been (the person who’s there for others) – no matter what season of my life I am in. God intended it for it to be this way. God really does make it possible for me to stretch myself and to be whatever blessing I can for others, even if it’s taking time to listen to their woes. When this becomes overwhelming (because it can at times), instead of venting to others, I really need to learn to just talk to God and thank him for the capacity to continue being what HE needs me to be for others. 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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