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Hey Lovelies! There are times when I go through major major major phases! Last  year I ‘m sure you guys remember that I was crazy in love with black and gold, like everything. The last two months I’ve been majorly into silver/grey and gold so this House of CB Coat Dress falls right in line with my favorite color duo as of late. I’ve never owned a coat dress so this was a different addition to my wardrobe. Initially, I second-thought even adding a piece like this to my wardrobe. Personally, I often times run into items that don’t always compliment my curves and when I feel conscious about that, I usually don’t buy it. However, I took the risk with this House of CB Coat Dress and I’m definitely happy that I did. Since I already gushed about being in love with the color palette of this dress i’ll spare you guys from commenting anything further on the color aesthetics, but I wanted to briefly comment on how amazing this faux suede material is. I can always vouch for this company, even when they first started out and  were known as CELEB BOUTIQUE, the quality of their clothing has always been immaculately consistent; really awesome material used every season. Nonetheless, I diggin how this particular heavyweight material can be worn two ways – as a sexy zip thru dress or over a slip dress as a  jacket. Doesn’t the whole vibes of this Coat Dress remind you of a BOND-esque type girl? Let’s face it, we’ve all fantasized at one moment or another about how cool it would be to be a Bond girl. After looking back at some of the photos, I’m a tad bit upset with myself that I didn’t display the collar or the sleeves more for you guys. Both have the ability to be flipped up or down and worn in a more edgy manner, but if your purchase the dress, I encourage you to play with it, at least the sleeves. I paired my favorite gold Jenniferle duo just to add more glamorous vibes to my look, but this piece could also be equally appealing with a simple gold sandal! Although my first coat dress ever, I foresee me owning a few more in my lifetime! Cheers to trying new things! MSsignature

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