Hey Lovelies! Did someone say, “ALL YOU CAN PLAY”?!?! We recently visited @chuckecheeses for some mid-week family fun! With the new “All You Can Play” card, it gave Amaya access to play every game inside the restaurant, as many times she wanted without breaking the bank! Somehow, I became the hero for not saying “no more tokens, let’s go” as she was given reign of Chuck E. Cheese’s. Here’s how it works… you no longer have to buy tickets or worry about running out. You simply choose a desired amount of time you want to play and when your time is up, you’re done! If the fun becomes too overwhelming and you need a quick break, you can pause your time at the kiosk! It’s that easy! Endless games start at $9 for 30 minutes, what a great value, right?! More games equals more tickets, and more tickets means more prizes! We think the “All You Can Play Card” made this visit to @chuckecheeses that much more enjoyable!

What activities do you enjoy doing with your little ones? We honestly had not been to Chuck E. Cheese’s in quite some time, but this new change might entice us to visit more! Since the girls returned to Los Angeles, they became Disneyland Annual Passport holders and have been frequently visiting there as of late which I can’t say isn’t all that bad of place to visit once a week! After all, it is the happiest place on earth……….

Peace and Forever Blessings, MSsignature

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