Cane And Austin

NEW PRODUCT ALERT and I’m wholeheartedly obsessed! @CaneAndAustin Acne Retexture Pads have improved my skin in just a few weeks (FACTS)! The pads legit deliver medical-grade glycolic acid that’s been helping to retexture my skin while the salicylic acid addresses my acne concerns. My acne comes and goes, but within a week it’s been subsiding. THANK GOODNESS! I’ve also noticed my skin tone and hyperpigmentation drastically improving. HOORAY! Fun skincare facts: salicylic acid is oil-soluable, which makes it great for oily and acne prone skin! And glycolic acid has the smallest molecules of any AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) so it can penetrate deeper into the skin. Incase you don’t know about Cane + Austin… they’re a dermatologist founded brand sold at Sephora, Ulta and Birchbox. Their peel pads use glycolic acid derived from cane sugar so don’t be scared away by the word “peel” — they’re gentle! I PROMISE!! 

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