Hey Lovelies!  As  a Southern California native, I always wanted to do some sorta palm tree vibe shoot just to capture the ambiance of the environment I’ve known and  loved for a few decades. Growing up, I remember vividly admiring all the palm trees in Los Angeles, I’d like to think there’s never one more than a few yards distance. Multitudes of streets are lines with palm trees – anywhere and everything. From lavish zip codes to the heart of the hood, you’re likely to fine scores of them in front of lavish villas, surrounding swimming pools, gardens, cemeteries, hotels, apartments, museums, and so forth dominating the skyline! From the late 80s until now, they’ve been one of my favorite things to look at.

Puma was super kind to send me some cool looks, so I pondered on how I could represent this brand while adding my flavor into the mix. Palm trees immediately came to mind. So for now we can all imagine that we’re looking at a Puma AD entitled “California Puma Coolin”!! Lol, wishful thinking, but it doesn’t hurt to put things into existence, right! I mean, my dreams certainly surpass my blog 😉

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