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Hey Lovelies! What’s the first thing you notice about a person? For me, it’s their smile. I really really really love seeing people smile, it makes me feel super warm and fuzzy inside. I’ve also noticed in my years of existence, that a smile is majorly powerful. In an instance, you can change someone’s day by just smiling at or with them. Since I know this to be 100% true, I make it an effort to smile at least once daily at an anyone I make contact with. It makes me feel great inside in addition to making someone else also feel just as great! Nevertheless, since I’m a smiler and aIl, it’s quite important that I make it priority to ensure that my smile is in tact. Brushing, flossing, tongue scrapping, breath freshening, whitening processes, Invisalign, and quarterly visits to the dentist are all apart of my dental health routine. SHEEH, when I listed all those things, it actually kinda wore me out just thinking about it, but super worth it! 

My go-to teeth whitening product is @burstoralcare Coconut Whitening Strips!  These whitening strips are super easy to use, they don’t cause sensitivity, and they have a subtle coconut taste! YUM!  Did I also mention how affordable they are?!? I highly recommend trying out these amazing whitening strips, after all, nothing you wear is more important than your smile!

Challenge yourself daily to smile at someone, anyone, a stranger! You’ll never know much of a positive effect you make on that individual….. 

Peace and Forever Blessings,MSsignature

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