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H&M jumpsuit  ::  Aldo sandals :: Aldo clutch 

Hey Lovelies!  It’s no surprise that I’m posting another bold print today. You guys should already expect whenever I post a new print, it’ll either within the  leopard or floral print family. Call it predictable or whatever you may desire, but at least I know what I like and what compliments my style. I really love jumpsuits, however, most of them never fit me properly due to my short girl issues. I couldn’t resist this particular one nevertheless, especially because of the unique bold print leopard pattern. I love that it isn’t the typical brownish tone. I also really love the loose fit of the piece, all the jumpsuits I’ve purchased previously are pretty form fitting, so I really love the comfort factor of this jumpsuit. I couldn’t help but pair my new fave jumpsuit with my favorite navy pair (sandals & clutch)! I know this look was almost a little toooooo matchy matchy, but I actually like how the navy complimented this bold print overall.


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