Topshop Faux Fur JacketForever 21 Co-ord Set | Shoe Dazzle Pumps | Aldo Clutch

Hey Lovelies! It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t make some bold autumn moves, at least a few. I can’t lie, I’ve been missing creating a crazy-turn-your-head-wait-what-is-she-wearing-oh-but-it-actually-works kind of look! Mouthful…. But seriously, I’ve been feeling very play-by-the-rule-ish lately so it was necessary that I add a little spice to my blog! With that said, I’m a little all over the place with this look, lol; mismatching, color/texture/pattern playing, but it somehow worked! No matter what season I’m in, I can’t seem to stray away from COLOR! I guess, that’s the “stay true to yourself” in me! Nonetheless, everything is so wrong about this look, but in my own little way, it turned out right! Plus, what’s fashion anyway if you can’t artistically express yourself? Boring, I’m certain! 

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