Hey Lovelies! May 28th is probably the most special day in my life because it’s the day I entered the world. Although I often discard it, never show much emotion about it, or even make a big fuss about it, I am incredibly thankful to God for allowing me to see another year. I try to divert my focus off the billion things I’ve been through or questionable reasons why living life each year seems like more of a challenge for me. Instead I use “my day” to refocus, reboot, and recenter my energy on why I’ve been given an existence in the first place. I have a purpose, I am here for a reason, and while there might just be many things distorting that vision every now  and again, deep down I know it still remains embedded in me. My birthday is my reflection and with time, I strive to become a better me. Thankfully I’m never down and out about turning another year older. On the contrary, I look forward to it because I’d like to think that I’m only becoming more TIMELESS!

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