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Hey Lovelies! I’m so so so glad to reside in this technological era, most days. I do have days when I disappear into a ghost mode because I just don’t feel up to being transparent to the entire internet. Thankfully these days are quite rare. I’m not going to lie though, I’ve experienced some extremely draining days and feel like calling it quits with this WORLD WIDE WEB lifestyle. The thought has crossed my mind several times because if you’re similar to me, life is always BETTER IN REAL LIFE. Think about how incredibly easy it can be to loose yourself behind the walls of a computer, ipad, or phone screen. Even scarier that you create an illusion of your life so easily and that fallacy be believed by so many. For instance, within in the last two weeks, I’ve averaged 2.5 hours of sleep, have lost 8 pounds which I’m only mentioning because you wouldn’t have ever known that obviously based off the pictures shown above. I’m smiling my way through it, which happens lots of days to be honest. Come to think of it, if I’m completely honest (and perhaps my way of thinking is a little off) I’ve been dealing with personal battles pertaining to showing and sort of weakness in this competitive blogger industry. The ironic thing about social media and keeping a relevancy (which as a result keeps your followers consistent) is everyone knowing all figments of your life. However, for a person similar to me who might find it difficult to allow (in real life) others to be there, it’s definitely something even more scary to allow strangers in. Granted, I know almost person can attest to me being that person who wants to help others and lending a helping hand, but I find it difficult to allow others  to do the same for me. I’m working on it, trust me. I’m also working on feeling more comfortable with sharing more figments of myself with my subscribers and followers. I have been making strides to do so as well, however, I still argue, I’m just BETTER IN REAL LIFE!  MSsignature

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