Adidas Everything 

Hey Lovelies! Before you guys go in and bash me for committing matchy matchy overload, please hear me out, loud and proud, I AM BANNED FROM NORMAL! Why? Normal is pretty darn lame and boring!! Perhaps this is why I loved this Rita Ora collab with Adidas so much; the message is everything, in addition to the cool creative design. As ya’ll know, Rita Ora has been a long time collaborator with Adidas. I’ve been a fan of some of their collars (not all, some of them were a little too eccentric for me), but I completely fell in love with the boldness, fierceness, and colors of this collection. I’m especially enamored with the bold blocking and material mixes because it generates a super crazy unique identity. I mean who’d ever think to mix mesh, nylon, and cotton all in one? I also heavily supported this collection because it features a unique mix of patters, primary colors, and even some gold foil scattered throughout. Not quite sure how many wearings I’ll get out of this collection, but the tennis shoes and sweatshirt will frequent my chill wear rotation. Many many thanks to Ari, who keeps me drenched in Adidas and up to speed on all the Adidas collabs, you’re the best baby love! At any rate, I make it my business to refrain far away from normal. In the words of my best friend Courtney, what is normal anyway!?!?!? 


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