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Balmain x H&M velvet rope dress :: Giuseppe Zanotti sandals :: YSL clutch

Hey Lovelies!! If you missed Part One of my Balmain x H&M Haul/Review, please (see here)!! To avoid this Balmain x H&M – Part II review/haul from being repetitive, I promise to not gush as much. However, I’m still over the moon with my pieces. As a designer, I really look for uniqueness and originality and as a Fashion Giant and Creative Director for Balmain, Oliver Rousteing does not disappoint in this department. I love that even on a less expensive scale, his pieces make you feel like you’re suddenly apart of the BALMAIN ARMY! I neglected to mention this in my previous review, but something I felt that was very important to mention this go-round is that I noticed that very few pieces to this collection were “copies” of his showpieces. Quite frankly, I think that was brilliant because he showed different sides to Balmain. I also wanted to make a note of the specific tailoring, the oversized silhouettes, the draping, the Parisian femininity, and urban warrior vibe this collection represented. Sounds like a lot, but collectively, the cohesion was exceptionally remarkable. I also love that I only spent $300.00 or less on a piece but felt the experience of a true Balmain customer spending $20,000. Rousteing definitely made an impression in which everything about this collection was the same as if it were for Balmain. The richness was all the same aside from it being an accessibly-priced collection.

In regards to this dress, I mean honestly I’d rather spare you my flowery words and let the photos speak for itself. But, I will say that this dress one of my favorite dresses I’ve ever owned. I love the material, the details, and specifics and just settle by telling you it was definitely worth more than its retail value of $299.00. It’s absolutely perfect! Pairing it with black and gold was obviously a no brainer (due, lol). I did face a challenge in searching for these Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, but the search was oh so worth it. I saw them on Pinterest and fell in love, but because they are a couple of seasons old, they obviously weren’t easily accessible. After searching high and low in the wee-hours one night, I finally found them and in my size which was my confirmation that these were meant to be! As a side note, not everything new is relevant because the only really other contender I even considered pairing this dress with was with the Giuseppe Zanetti Cruel sandals, which I wasn’t all that sold on. So, thank you God I found the ones pictured!!!

I’d like to conclude my Balmain x H&M – Part II haul by taking the time to acknowledge the fact that I love that H&M collaborates with high-end designers. These collabs afford consumers the opportunity to own high-end designer wear and to be honest, Balmain x H&M probably would not even exist if it were not for Karl Lagerfeld. He definitely changed the course of fashion from both a high and low perspective when he became the first designer to collaborate with H&M in 2004. Yikes! Was that really 11 years ago!?!? MSsignature

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