Autumn Stripes

Asos Dress | Call It Spring Sandals | Call It Spring Purse

Hey Lovelies! Though this dress is about 8 months old and never made out of my wardrobe, I decided the next best thing would be to bring it out for Autumn! Clearly very spring-esque, I’d hope that the orange and gold tones fit in enough for these early autumn day. I’m chuckling to myself as I write this because knowing me, I would have transformed these original stripes intended for spring into autumn stripes and again to winter stripes. AND since this dress is¬†quite the beauty, I wasn’t about to let another season get away without wearing it. It’s colorful perfection, fun, designed beautifully, and perfect for any fancy occasion! Did I mention how fun it was to twirl and twirl and twirl in as well?!? I did get a little dizzy however, just as much as you guys probably did after reading “twirl” so many times, lol!¬†


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