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Hey Lovelies!  I know that some of us at one point or time have been bit by the athleisure bug. Since I’ve started the year on a healthy kick, I’m absolutely guilty of making some of my gym wear some my runaround outfits as well, even when I’m not going for a walk, yoga, or spin class. I don’t feel too guilty about this because apparently I’m far from the only person doing this nowadays; its actually a trend that is evolving more and more. In the past we witnessed the leggings-and-tee combo and chic sweatpants not made for high-performance. However, nowadays it is ok to roam around with actual running wear, and I’m probably someone you’ll cross paths with doing the same. Forgive me, but I am not apologetic for this, lol. I seriously see nothing wrong with being comfortable while running errands or whatever the case might be. Personally, I’m able to accomplish a lot more when I’m comfortable and in a relaxed state of mind. Thank goodness this trend is showing no signs of slowing down either, which works for someone like me who has no intentions to stop wearing athleisure wear from time to time. For those on the fence, remove the stick from you-know-where and embrace it! Lace up a pair of tennis shoes, throw on your spandex, and call it a day!


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