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Hey Lovelies! I love when I’m gifted items to style, especially when they are as unique as this “asymmetric” dress shown above. I enjoy embracing a sexier side of me from time to time, so I definitely wasn’t mad that this dress helped me do so. Funny thing, I never really liked embracing that side of me until a few years ago. I despised when guys would yell out, “hey sexy” or something along those lines because it made me feel terribly uncomfortable. It wasn’t until I actually came to terms with my body transitioning into womanhood by developing curves (which happened late for me) that I accepted that having hips, thighs, and a butt was quite ok. Well, more than ok! Being a girl of shorter stature, my curves are often pronounced more than normal and are a lot more obvious. Nevertheless, nowadays I don’t complain too much about it because I know there are many who seek to enhance those particular features so I count my blessings to have acquired them naturally. Oppps, got a little off topic there, but all that to say, this asymmetric design pronounces sexy just enough without crossing the line to “slutty” lol. The attached belt is an added bonus by accentuating my waist which presents the illusion of a tinier midsection, woohoo!  I added a little texture to sass up my look a bit and a print shoe to pop the subtle mauve tone. No accessories were really necessary because the dress makes a bold statement on it’s own.  Cheers to designs that give us girls that extra life we often need from time to time. Please visit for a nice selection of unique items to add to your wardrobe! 


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